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1. Do you manufacture all types of sutures?
Yes, Absorbable & Non absorbable sutures. In Absorbable sutures, the company manufactures Catgut, Polyglycolic Acid (PGA), Polyglycolic Acid (Fast) the rapidly absorbing variety, Poliglecaprone 25, Polydioxanone and Polyglactin 910 sutures. In Non absorbable sutures, the Company manufactures Silk, Nylon (Polyamide), Polypropylene, Polyester & Stainless steel sutures.
2. Can the Company manufacture any suture needle combination?
Yes, the company can manufacture any suture-needle combination. The catalogue contain only those set of codes which are normally sold in the Indian market. However, all the above sutures ranging from size 5 to size 10-0 & needle of length from 6mm to 90mm are manufactured by us.
3. Are all sutures clinically evaluated?
All our products have undergone bio compatibility studies as per ISO 10993-10 guidelines and in-vitro cytotoxicity study as per I.S.O. 10993-5 guidelines. We also have done the absorption studies for the natural and synthetic absorbable sutures. Abstracts of the study reports are available on request.
4. Does the Company have any certifications?
Yes, In addition to product certifications such as CE, the plant is ISO 9001/2008, ISO 13485 /2012 GLP & GMP certified.
5. How do we check out the certifications?
All certificates are hosted on the company's website as PDF files. These certificates can either be downloaded or printed.
6. Can the company manufacture all the sutures in OEM (third party brands) ?
All products manufactured by the company like Sutures, Meshes, Bonewax, Umbilical cotton tapes, Ligaclip etc. can be manufactured in OEM brands.
7. How are the products sterilized & how they are packed?
Sutures and Mesh products are sterilized in-house by a validated Ethylene Oxide sterilization process. Bone wax and Umbilical cotton tapes are Gamma sterilized at a validated contract facility.Sterilized suture foils are packed in configuration of 12 or 36 in paper board boxes that have undergone stress & transit trials. These are further wrapped in dust protective cellophane sheets with easy identifiable tear band. This ensures that the product reaches its customer without any damage. Configuration of 30 or 100 boxes are packed in a master shipper.
8. Which surgical specialities do the sutures cater to?
Sutures manufactured cater to all specialities, viz, General, Orthopaedic, Gynaecology, Neurology, Urology, Cardio vascular, Ophthalmic, Plastic and Oncology etc.
9. What is the minimum order quantity for sutures on OEM brand?
Our MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for any specific suture needle combination is 100 dozen.
10. Is there an easier way out, to order smaller quantities?
Yes, the company holds inventory of all the products as detailed in the product catalogues - hosted in its website. All customers can order these products from the inventory available. There are no minimum order quantity restrictions when ordered from the company inventory.
11. What is the Company policy for distribution outside India ?
Sutures India appoints distributors. The products bought by the distributor are channelized in the local market. Sutures India helps the potential distributor by providing samples for customer trials, documents for registration etc. after a year of continuous purchase the company helps the distributor to participate in local surgical conferences. All quotations are on FOB basis.
12. What is the policy for participation in tenders?
Samples & certificates are given for tender participation along with special quotes - depending on volume of tender enquiry.
13. What is the normal delivery time & how is the delivery effected?
The company manufactures its own drilled end needles & therefore has quick production cycle. Normally sutures are delivered in 30 - 45 days depending on the volume. Delivery is affected by air/sea as requested by customer.
14. How competitive is the Company's product pricing in International market?
The products are extremely well accepted in European & American markets & compare to multinational brands. The products are competitively priced.
15. What is the Company's commercial terms?
Proforma Invoice which gives the value of the products ordered is sent to the customers by email. Freight as charged by the airline is added to the FOB prices. All customers are required to open L/C for all supplies of over USD 10,000. Payments below this value are to be paid in advance

Product FAQ's

1. What is special about the Hernia meshes?
Meshes are manufactured from biocompatible non absorbable undyed Polypropylene. Meshes are CE certified. Meshes are offered in 5 unique designs - Some are Thick, Thin & pliable for laparoscopic surgery, bigger pores to allow better support in growth of tissues and composite mesh.
2. What are different types of mesh you make?
We make four different types of mesh, Thick mesh, thin mesh, Laparo mesh, composite mesh.
3. What is composite mesh?
Composite mesh is combination of polyglycolic acid and polypropylene material knitted together
4. Do you knit your own mesh?
Yes we knit our own mesh
5. Can mesh also be made in OEM brand?
6. Do you manufacture all types of gloves?
No. We manufacture natural rubber latex gloves of surgical grade , Powdered gloves, Polymer coated powder free gloves and Non-sterile reusable gloves.
7. Can you manufacture any size of gloves?
Surgical glove sizes range from 6 to 8.5 in increments of 0.5. The variety of size options ensures the best fitting glove
8. What is the powder, used for the powdered gloves and what is the quantity you use?
  1. It is Absorbable Corn Starch, U.S.P.grade.
  2. Powder Content not more than 15 mg/dm2
9. Are your Gloves 100% inspected for defects?
Gloves manufactured by Truskin Gloves are 100% visually inspected for defects. In addition, all glove lots are statistically sampled and tested for barrier integrity.
10. Does the Company have any certifications?
Yes, the manufacturing facilities conform to ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 13485/2012 standards. Most of our products are CE certified. 
11. Can the company manufacture surgical gloves on "OEM" to a third party?
Yes, we can manufacture Surgical gloves and packed in OEM to a third party, subject to certain requirements.
12. How Truskin Gloves Pvt ltd is related to Sutures India Pvt.Ltd?
Truskin Gloves Private Limited is 100% subsidiary unit of Sutures India Pvt. Ltd.
13. Do you export semi finished gloves without any packaging?
Yes, if order is placed in bulk and long term agreement
14. How are gloves packed?
One pair (1 left and 1 right) wrapped in a wallet & sealed in a peelable / tear pouch, 50 such pouches packed in a Inner box and 12/8 inner boxes packed in carton.
15. What is the material used for packing?
Special medical grade paper is used, which permits complete sterilization of the product and maintains the sterility throughout the shelflife of the product.
16. What are the applications for powdered latex surgical gloves?
Powdered gloves can be safely used for all types of surgeries & examination.
17. What is the minimum order quantity for gloves on OBL brand?
A minimum quantity of 1,60,000 pairs needs to be ordered. At least to hold one 20' feet container.
18. Do you execute orders in smaller quantities?
Yes, if the goods are in Truskin brand
19. Is it possible to order products on line?
No,. You can send us your requirements by e-mail id sales@truskingloves.com
20. What is the Company's policy for distribution outside India ?
The company appoints distributors to distribute its products. The distributor buys the products from the company & distributes in his Country. All quotations are on FOB basis.
21.How competitive is the Company's product in International market?
The products are well accepted in European, Asian, African & American markets as compared to other multinational brands.
22. What is the Company's commercial terms?
Proforma Invoice which gives the value of the products ordered is sent to the Customers. Freight on actual is additionally added . If order value is above USD 10000,confirmed irrevocable L/C at sight or remit 100% advance payment is accepted. If ordered value is less than USD 10,000, then 100% payment has to be paid in advance through Telegraphic Transfer.
23. How much quantity a 20' and 40' container will hold?
  1. In 20'feet container :- 2,00,000 pairs of tear open gloves & 1,60,000 pairs of peel open gloves will accommodate.
  2. In 40'feet container :- 4,20,000 pairs of tear open gloves & 3,36,000 pairs of peel open gloves will accommodate
24. Do you manufacture examination gloves?
At present we do not manufacture. By the mid of year 2009, You can send your enquiry for the same.
25. What does A.Q.L mean and how does it relate to gloves?
Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) - The AQL standard for surgical gloves will be 1.5.Our Medical Gloves are manufactured with minimal barrier defects such as pinholes.
26. What is the colour of the surgical gloves?
Natural creamy white.
27. What is the shelf life of Sterile surgical gloves?
Five years from the date of manufacture.
28. What is the protein level of the finished product?
Below 100 micro gm/ dm2. Against the ASTM requirements of maximum 200 micro gm/ dm2
29. What is the best way to store the gloves?
Gloves should be stored in the inner box and should be kept in dry, cool and dust free area. Gloves should not be stored near direct sunlight, moisture, X-rays or extreme heat.
30. What are the different type of sensitivity?
Some Individuals may be sensitive to either the chemicals used in the manufacturing of latex glove or the protein allergens in natural rubber latex.
31. Are TRUSKIN Surgical Gloves hand specific?
Yes!, Left/Right Hand Fitted - In contrast to medical exam gloves, surgical gloves are form fitted meaning every pair contains one glove shaped for the left hand and one glove shaped for the right hand. This is to ensure the highest level of comfort to help reduce fatigue from long surgical procedures.
32. Are TRUSKIN gloves size printed/marked?
All gloves are size embossed. Size and customized printing can be done on special request and additional cost.
33. Are your factories certified with ISO 9001, EN46002 and Comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)?
Yes, all our factories are certified with ISO 9001, EN46002 and we manufacture our products strictly according to the GMP requirements.
34. Do your gloves meet ASTM D3577 or EN455 Standards for Surgical Gloves?
Yes, our gloves meet the ASTM D3577 Surgical Gloves. Besides the ASTM standards, our gloves have also surpassed the EN 455 Standards. Our Surgical Gloves have obtained the CE Mark and number.

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